Pipes are a key element of any plumbing system. Your pipes are responsible for transferring water to your faucets and removing Human waste from your house. However, as with most other parts of your plumbing system, pipes can fail over time. Pipes most commonly fail during the Winter months when the weather is extremely cold. The material is put under a great deal of stress. As the water inside the pipe freezes, it expands and eventually, the pipe gives way. It’s important to fix any leaks or breaks that pop up as soon as possible because they can run your water bill up big time.

Leaking pipes can cause a wide range of problems, including structural damage and black mold. The longer you wait to fix a leak, the more expensive it will be to fix any damage the leak causes because the damage will always continue to get worse as time progresses.

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Why Would I Need to Repipe My House?

Typically, repiping is done to replace pipes that have burst, to modernize an existing plumbing system or to bring an old plumbing system into compliance with current state building codes. Repiping is a job that’s best performed by a professional licensed plumber because if it’s done incorrectly, you can cause more problems than you solved. Furthermore, if your local building department learns that your plumbing system is not up to code, you may be forced to redo the entire system at your own expense before you can resell your house.

When Do I Need to Repipe?

If properly maintained, your plumbing system should last a long time. We recommend having your plumbing system replaced at least once every ten years. However, a poorly maintained plumbing system will need to be replaced before that. If you experience any of these issues, you should have your plumbing system checked to see if you need a repipe:

  • Strangely-colored water, usually red or black
  • Metallic taste/smell coming from water
  • Water pressure changes
  • Unexplained rise in water bills
  • Increased need for repairs

All the above issues can be signs of problems in your plumbing system. If you’re lucky, the problem will be minor and can be fixed with a simple repair. However, more major issues such as excessive corrosion, breaks in the pipe or excessive leaks will need a repipe. The cost of the repipe will largely depend on how much pipe needs to be replaced.


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