Broken toilets can cause major headaches. Imagine not being able to use the bathroom because your toilet is broken. Fortunately, many toilet problems can easily be fixed yourself. Here’s a list of four of the most common issues you may encounter.

Problem #1: The Phantom Flush

Description: Occasionally, especially with older toilets, you may hear your toilet turning on and off by itself as if someone has flushed the toilet.

How to Fix This Problem

After flushing the toilet, turn the water supply off temporarily. Lift up the flapper (the flapper is the small rubber stopper that blocks the drain at the bottom of the tank) and check for any dirt or debris that may be interfering with the seal. If the flapper appears to be worn or damaged, it will need to be replaced.

Another solution you might try is to raise the level of the float ball. If the float ball is set too low, it will not allow sufficient water to enter the tank, and the ball may jiggle around. There is a small adjusting screw where the metal rod connects to the fill valve. Turning that screw counterclockwise will raise the level of the float ball and allow more water into the tank.

Problem #2: The Toilet Won’t flush

Description: When you try to flush the toilet, nothing happens. In some cases, the flush valve may be stuck in the down position.

How to Fix This Problem

There’s a chain on your flush valve that connects the back of the valve to the flapper. When you flush the toilet, this chain opens the flapper, which allows the toilet to flush. The chain is most likely broken and will need to be replaced.


Problem #3: The Toilet is clogged

Description: When you flush the toilet, the water continues to rise until the flapper closes again.

How to Fix This Problem

Depending on the location of the clog and if you have the tools available, you might be able to remove the clog yourself. Most of the time a toilet clog is minor, and you’ll be able to simply plunge it. However, a more severe clog will require a plumber’s snake or auger to remove.

Problem #4: Weak Flush

Description: The bowl may take a long time to empty.

How to Fix This Problem

Check the holes underneath the rim of the toilet on the inside. Sometimes dirt and debris can get in the holes. Pay special attention not to scratch the bowl’s surface. Give the holes a good scrubbing, and you should be fine.

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